Patrice Lajoye and Stamatis Zochios (ed.)

New researches on the religion and mythology of the Pagan Slavs – 2

ISBN: 979-10-94441-63-3

292 p., 24€

Following a first volume published in 2019, here are nine new studies on the religion and mythology of the pagan Slavs. Some are interested in validating the reliability of ancient sources, while others offer more focused case studies, including studying particular deities.


With the contributions of Tsimafei Avilin, Elena Boganeva, Nikola Danišová, Alexander V. Ivanenko, Kamil Kajkowski, Aleksandr Koptev, Oleg V. Kutarev, Patrice Lajoye, Giuseppe Maiello, Tatiana Oliferchik, Marina V. Valentsova and Stamatis Zochios.

Table of contents

Oleg V. Kutarev, Introduction to the Slavic pagan pantheon. The names of deities that the ancient Slavs actually revered
Giuseppe Maiello and Nikola Danišová, Veles as a Slavic mythological trickster
Aleksandr V. Ivanenko, Slavonic Theonymie. Daž’bog
Patrice Lajoye, Radigost
Kamil Kajkowski, Masks from Opole in the Context of the mediaeval Slavic Rites
Stamatis Zochios, Kupala and Koliada. Two (more) examples of Slavic pseudomythology
Tsimafei Avilin, Elena Boganeva and Tatiana Oliferchik, Images of werewolves in Belarusian oral tradition
Aleksandr Koptev, The Mythological Serpent Fighting Motif in the Russian Primary Chronicle, Epic Poetry and Fairy Tales
Marina M. Valentsova, Slavic demonology. A brief survey

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